How to Get Better Package Forwarding Service Online

The future is bright for package delivery services with most of the major global retailers hard at work on ways to bring things to your door faster and for a lower price. In the here and now, however, it may get confusing sometimes about just how much you will need to pay to send a package from the UK to other places.  It isn’t hard to determine this when you are buying from a store that ships to you.  But when you are the one sending the package, you might not have a lot of experience with all the options. So, to help provide a better package forwarding service community, here are some ways that you can get better service online:

Use calculators:

Shipping companies are notorious for not have precise estimates because the rates do frequently change in the air freight business.  On the other hand, if a firm has longstanding agreements, they can normally provide you with a variety of shipping calculators that will allow you to quickly figure out how much you will owe.

One calculator at is both accurate and easy to use.  The only thing that you need to know to get it to provide you with an instant quote is what the dimensions and weight of your package is.  It will then tell you the precise cost of sending your package anywhere in the world.

Ask about consolidation service:

If you are sending several items, you might find that sending them via a package courier will cause you to pay the same rate per kg for each package.  If you are sending regionally or internationally, you can take advantage of consolidation services that give you a few feet of a shipping container or a cargo hold on an aircraft.

When you ask for this service and it is available, you can typically save up to 30 percent on your shipping rates because you will simply be stacking your items in a marked area that is for you.

Ensure that you have solid tracking capabilities:

In this day and age, almost every commercial shipping service offers detailed tracking services. Nonetheless, if you are shipping overseas, you can find that even with commercial services, there are strange comments put into the tracking. One company sent a package to Japan from the Americas. The freight company flew it through Europe. It cleared Paris and left for Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, it was passed through customs and sent to a warehouse where it could have been tampered with- and then put back through customs to send to Tokyo. This sequence actually required that the customer look up the package URL and contact Tokyo to ensure that the goods were received satisfactorily because they had no way of knowing whether or not something untoward had happened to the cargo when it was in a private warehouse.

So, a firm with solid tracking and solid shipping practices can save you a lot of time and money. Overall, if you want the best service online, using tools like calculators and services like consolidation, you can make a difference in getting your package to the people that you are sending it to.


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